Residential Housing

Photographs presentetd here are just a smal part of the projects we have implemented for the past 25 Years. United for reasons of discretion towards our customers and on the other because we are happy to develop a new individual and unique concept.


Project Tube


Total restauration Terrace House

new Layout, Kitchen, Bedrooms

Total new concept bathroom wellness area

complex Automation, Ipad mode controlled

Light/ Audio / Video etc.



Projekt Villa M 

classic mediteranian style

Projectdevelopement on Hillside property with 

construction ban


Customer specifications:

Neoclassical mansion with contemporary sustainable technology

Design Concept - Interior Design

Environment / landscape architecture

Projekt CASA M

Restauration with new annex 

Modernism Architecture house

new design bath, kitchen, insulation etc.

ipad controlled automation: light, sound, etc.

Gardenconcept with Koi-pond 

The simple elegance of Modernism is a timeless aesthetic. Yet, its clean lines and natural materials often fall victim to age, neglect, or misguided renovations. In response to these challenges and in an effort to preserve our architectural heritage, we have become involved in the burgeoning discipline of Modern restoration.


Projekt DUCATI Loft

Interieur Konzept Loft

Anfertigung Spezialmöbel

Lichtwand LED Konzept

Multimedia Automation usw.


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